magical green tea

The Magical Green Tea

The Magic Power Of Green Tea And Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight sounds like it should be easy–all you do is eat less and move more, and the weight starts to disappear. We would all be at our ideal body weight if that were true. The truth is that losing weight can be incredibly difficult if you don’t know a few of the “secrets” to making it happen. Green tea and weight loss is a magic combination that is about as close to a sure thing as you can get.

NOTE: Always check with your doctor before starting a weight loss program or making changes to your diet.

Perhaps you have noticed that there are various forms of green tea nearby the weight loss supplements at the store. Whether this surprises you, or you already have some idea of what green tea can do doesn’t make all that much of a difference. The only thing that matters is if it works or not. So far, the evidence surrounding this wonderful plant is that it works very well, and in more ways than one.

There are more medical studies being done on green tea and weight loss all, but there is no doubt that the anecdotal evidence is strong. While that may not hold up to scientific scrutiny, it’s difficult to disagree with another person’s results. That being said, there is a growing interest in what green tea can do to your waistline. So, what have researchers discovered so far?

  1. Green tea seems to boost metabolism. According to one research study, some participants experienced an increased metabolic rate (up to four percentage points), for a full 24 hours after drinking a certain amount of green tea. This is most likely due to the polyphenols and caffeine present in the tea. While that may not be a drastic increase in the metabolism, it’s worth trying anything that can give you the edge in the battle to lose weight.
  2. Green tea makes you less hungry. It’s those polyphenols again, and green tea is loaded with them. They suppress your appetite, and that means you won’t be likely to eat as much. The fewer calories you take in overall, the fewer calories your body has a chance to store, and that’s good news when you’re trying to lose weight.
  3. Green tea has a positive effect on blood sugar and may reduce fat absorption. Now we get back to the caffeine, and add in some theanine. These are the compounds in the tea that seem to regulate the way the body deals with fat and sugar. Go ahead and have a cup with your meals, and you will receive additional benefits.

Green tea and weight loss go together quite well. It speeds up your metabolism, makes you less hungry, reduces fat absorption, and regulates blood sugar. That’s four separate things that it can do to help you lose weight, and that makes it a natural choice if you want to get rid of some extra weight once and for all.

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